Welcome to Sunnerås!

Sunnerås is a cottage in Sweden, located in western Småland, in the middle of the traditional farmland in Gislaveds municipality, near the lake Bolmen. Here you find a variety of forest and open landscape and you can enjoy the beautiful landscape or pick berries or mushrooms, swim or cruise on the lakes or go on a fishing tour.

Sunnerås lies 4 kilometers from the lake Bolmen, right outside the village Tallberga. Although being so near Tallberga it is located on a quiet hill with the forest as a screen behind the house and the meadow providing a quiescent view from the kitchen and the living room.

It is [not] possible to rent the cottage, it provides comfort for 7 persons. If you are curious and want to know more about Sunnerås and its surrounding please visit the other pages of this website to read and to view the pictures.

Köpenhamn - Sunnerås256 Km
Stockholm - Sunnerås423 Km
Oslo - Sunnerås441 Km
Hamburg - Sunnerås580 Km
Helsinki - Sunnerås891 Km
Warsawa - Sunnerås940 Km
Utrecht - Sunnerås1014 Km